fredag 23 september 2016

The Purpose

Once upon a time, I became an aunt. Becoming an aunt is literally a metamorphosis. It means that you have to start with some kind of handicraft. There is no way out of this, believe me.
   So. After several hours of staring into the wall, I stumbled upon the Amigurumi Guru Sharon Ojala's blog and before the day was done, I became a crocheting aunt. A handicraft person. An aunt to be counted with.

Then it just went manic.

On this site I want to share some of my patterns with you. The more the merrier, they say. I´d like to believe that. So, feel free to use or alter them, just to make yourself or other people smile. Or cry. Or stare into the distance.

Whatever rocks your boat.

There probably won't be a hectic publishing of patterns, since I really do not make new patterns that often but when I do, and I think that others may like them, I will post. If you by slight chance would stumble upon this site and decide to try out one of my patterns out, I would really enjoy seeing how it turned out! Or, if you stumble upon this site, try the patterns and see any strange descriptions in them (which I believe will be fairly common) - please let me know. I´ll do my best to help.

(And last, but not least: Thank you, Sharon, for the inspiration and for your brilliant YouTube-tutorials. Without them, nothing.)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you for so generously sharing your gorgeous patterns. I love them all! I hope to make the racoon first and soon. I've many other things to finish before that, but will finish my end results whenever I accomplish one of these cute ones. Cheers.

    1. Whoops, meant 'share my end results'. :)