fredag 5 maj 2017

The Yarn and so forth

The yarn "Tilda" from Svarta Fåret with the hook size 2,5 mm.
As you may know, how your amigurumi turns out is much depended upon the yarn you're using. I always go with the yarn "Tilda", from Svarta Fåret. I can't  see an amigurumi turning out better with any other yarn. The "secret" about this yarn is that it is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic, which makes it the Harry fucking Potter of amigurumi yarns - stretchable but still firm. This is a key stone to amigurumi making. You'll need a yarn that is bendibale, but firm, and a 50/50-yarn will do the trick. All of the amigurumis on this page are made with this yarn (and no, this is not a commercial - I really don't know the yarn-people, I just like the yarn!).

This is an image on how this particular yarn looks like in row 2 of all of my amigurumis (which mirrors row 2, after the magic circle): 2 sc in each st = 12 sts:

Hope this will guide you regarding the size of the yarn you're using. May the force be with you.